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Personalized Family Coaching

As parents, we are the single most influential people in our kids’ lives. Having an adult child living with you can be challenging. It’s difficult to know where to draw the line. You may be questioning what rules need to be in place and are they too strict or not strict enough. It gets really tough when your teenager or young adult wants to be treated their age but they act like they are still a child.

I work with families on issues such as:

Letting go

Setting boundaries


Improving communication

Creating an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect


Together, we work on creating the right path for your family.


Parent/Family coaching offers your family an opportunity to work together with me to create a personalized plan for your family. It’s your agenda, I’m your partner, and together we find the best path to achieve family’s goals. We learn to identify strengths and successes, explore challenges, clarify goals and develop practical strategies.


We work closely to achieve your dreams for your family as well as focusing on your teens/young adults’ goals and how they could reach their utmost potential.


Our time together does not have to be face to face. Logistics make it easy these days to meet remotely through Skype, Google Hangout or phone. It is your choice!

Session packages are available for a discounted price. Introductory call is always free!


To find out more, send email to: or call: 321-241-4654 today.

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